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Traveling LOW-BUDGET: Introduction

First things first.
Everybody has their own rate of travel spending.
Personally, by traveling low-budget, I mean spending as much money as I would normally spend in my hometown or even less.

Lately people consider traveling a luxury good.
Tourism industry is growing huge and many countries depend on it to survive during high season.
For people have lost the real meaning of traveling and tend to become senseless tourists.

In this article I will give you an overview of how I travel low-budget.
I'm not going to write down any details now since this is just the introduction,
but I'm going to explain some of the things mentioned here later in my posts.

So, let's begin with...

or should I say sleeping surface?

-Sleeping in the airport (sometimes)
-Sleeping in the streets (rarely)

And then...

or moving around.

-Ride sharing

And of course...

or filling the tank.

-Super market
-Raw/Vegetarian diets
-Sharing food and drink


And most importantly...

or meeting people and getting to know the locals.

-Couchsurfing (again)
-Bars/Clubs (now and then)

And Last AND least...

or killing time creatively

-Free goodies
-Selected tourist attractions
-Local guides (friends, couchsurfers, random locals)


You may be unfamiliar with some of these words, but keep your eyes open,
I'm going to explain them further the following days.

If I haven't mentioned something that you'd like to know,
please include it in a comment.

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Cool post! Useful info! Thanks!

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