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Traveling LOW-BUDGET: Backpack Gear List

If you want to travel on a budget,
you need to be as much autonomous as possible.
By that, I mean being able to carry in your backpack
the things that cover your basic needs from clothing to food to sleeping equipment.

I have a 60L backpack and I can fit pretty much anything I want
even for more than a month of traveling in it.

My backpacking equipment is simple,
good trekking shoes, tent and a sleeping bag and pad.

So this is my...

Backpack Gear List
Small paperback books that are easy to carry. I prefer thought-provoking books when traveling
-Plastic bags
To sort my clothes and separate dirty from clean
-Water tank
I have an 1L water tank and I think it's enough, 1.5L is good as well
-A small pot
For both cooking, eating and storing food
-Pocket knife
Can't explain much, everyone knows how useful it can be
I take only picture and leave only footprints
-Map and compass
To move around without getting lost
-Head torch
Way better than a simple torch but not necessary
Just for the fun of exploration
-Medical kit
With bandages and other simple medicine (just in case)

Then some things for hygiene:
-Green soap
I use it for everything from washing clothes to showering hair
Two towels, one for face-one for general use
Ok, you may be a real traveler now, but you still should shave once in a while
You don't want to be sweaty and smelly, right?
Bandanas are great. You can use them as a towel, sunshade, sweatband and a lot more
-Toilet paper/Wipes
No comments
-Mosquito repellent
Mosquitos can be very aggressive sometimes, especially when sleeping outdoors
You don't want to be sun burnt when traveling

And some bad weather additions:
-Fleece/wool sweater

This is pretty much everything I pack in my backpack.
I didn't mention clothing or food, this is up to you!
So, I think it is about time I start packing my stuff for the eurotrip.
I'm leaving tomorrow!
See you on the road...

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