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Sea kayak (THE EYE) and my shadow...

This is a sea kayak my father made for me and my siblings 
when we were younger!
He drew two eyes in the front,
that's why we call it THE EYE, the eye of the Aegean.

Every weekend we were going sea kayaking,
That's how I first learnt to paddle and surf the Aegean waves.

Nowadays I still go sea kayaking when in Chios.
In this photo you can see my shadow doing the peace sign!
I would love to do a trip around the island,
from beach to beach with minimum supplies and a fishing rope or something.
It is a great way to explore the Greek islands!

Photo taken in Sidirounta, Chios, Greece

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John said...

Great picture! I have never been to Greece, but all the pictures I have seen are beautiful and the thought of paddling around those islands is very appealing. I look forward to seeing pictures of your Eurotrip.

Eftychia K said...

Let me know if you come over John! We could smash some waves together :)

jerusalem hostels said...

Nice childhood memories and amazing picture, would love to come to the greek Islands....

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