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Cappadocia - Air Balloon

This time a photo from Asia, Turkey.

There are two places I want to visit in Turkey.
The first one is Constantinople or Instabul,
don't care how you call it...
And the other one is the dry and rocky Cappadocia!

It is located deep inside central/east Turkey 
and you need to cross a long desert in order to get there from Europe.
Cappadocia is actually a big plateau over 1000m in altitude
that is pierced by volcanic peaks (highest 3916m).
Once you finally arrive, after crossing the desert,
the view is breathtaking!

This is a photo taken by my parents.
They did a road trip there along with their motorbike,
I would instead do it by bicycle.

Not only is it a rock climber's paradise,
but also very scenic, especially if you can afford taking a trip with an air balloon!

Photo taken in Cappadocia, Turkey

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