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Ai Weiwei is lost in Berlin!


This is a good question,
because there are only two chances to find this piece of art in Berlin.
You are either lost or have a really cool local guide (like I did).
Of course I'm not going to give out any information about the place,
because this is one of the places that would be better without curious tourists!

Photo taken in Berlin, Germany

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist and political activist. Ai participated in designing the Beijing Olympic Stadium (also known as "Bird's Nest"), but after some time he distanced himself from the project for moral reasons. As a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights.
More info here.

...step into the Aegean sea.

One of the cleanest beaches I have ever seen!
Crystal clear water surrounded by wild trees and rocks.
It is located in the west coast of Chios island.
It's easy to reach by car or motorbike and... ideal for camping!

Photo taken in Chios, Greece

The cave of Gouverneto

Continuing from my last post...
In the last photo I uploaded you can see me walking towards a gorge and actually heading to a cave.
So, I thought I would upload the "sequel" of it, which would be me in the cave.
And this is it!
Beautiful decoration, isn't it?

Photo taken in Gouverneto, Greece

Sundays in the mountains!

This year I attended the Technical University of Crete for 2 semesters.
Every weekday I was longing for the weekend to arrive...
Especially for...
...Sundays in the mountains!

Photo taken in Gouverneto, Greece

"Take only pictures; live only footprints."

Me and the DRAGON!

Walking up the Swiss mountains.
Playing with happy cows! :P
Forests and green fields in the background...

Photo taken in Eggli, Switzerland

9 days in Switzerland

Photo taken in Gstaad, Switzerland

This is the place where I was living for 9 days last summer.
9 days of hiking, mountain biking and rafting.
Sleeping when the sun goes down.
Waking up with the first light after sunrise.
9 days accompanied with the sounds and forces of nature.
Feeling so real...

Turkey in the horizon...

Climbed up there with my best amiga.
It is noticeable that from this point of the island you can see both Greece and Turkey.
Can you locate any borders in between?
All I could see was pure nature, tiny little houses and the Aegean sea.
No borders, no war, no hate.

Photo taken on top of "The Sheep-mountain", Chios, Greece

"I refuse to believe in a risk free society where the thrill of living is traded for the safety of existence."
-Nick Ienatsch

Cycling Therissos gorge

Cycling up a hill on my mountain bike.
Crossing a very beautiful gorge of Crete with many rock climbing routes, called Therissos.
There is a very beautiful village on top,
where delicious Greek food is waiting for you!

Photo taken in Therissos, Greece

Rafting Guide School in Grevena

Being a rafting guide was something that both would help me enjoy nature and support my living as a traveler.
And therefore, I did it!
I attended my first rafting guide course this winter with Trekking Hellas Grevena,
and hopefully I'll find a job as a rafting guide somewhere in Europe in the future.

Photo taken near Grevena, Greece

First time hitchhiking alone!

Well, someone said...
"Once you put your thumb up, you don't know where and when exactly you will be headed...
...but you could rest assured that it would be an interesting journey."

I confirmed this myself, when the last prejudice disappeared from my mind and finally trusted a truck driver from Georgia to take me wherever he was heading to.
Photo taken on my way from Chania to Rethymno

Welcome to my world!

Hello probably strangers,
welcome to the world of a backpacker, the world of a new age traveler.
This blog is hoping to give you the chance to dream and the sense of a young girl’s freedom just by looking at your computer’s screen.
Photo taken in Chios, Greece

"If I was asked, 'Why do you go on journeys?' 
I would answer, 'I go on journeys because I'm a traveler'."
-Kino no Tabi