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Climbing the towers of Meteora

Meteora is one wondrous and very unique place.
Towers of sandstone, gravel, stones and pebbles rise up as high as 300 meters,
forming cracks, chimneys, roofs and couloirs that can satisfy the wanderlust of every rock climber.

flower meteora towers doupiani

The style of climbing is very different and the safety not the best it could be, 
so if you're going there for the first time (like I did)
make sure you gather some information from locals about the routes.
You can search for info at the climbers' preferred camping place, "Vrachos"
and/or buy the official Meteora guide book.

meteora climbing gear equipment
One last check on the equipment, Doupiani tower in the background.

My trip to Meteora was short,
but I had the chance to climb multi-pitch for the first time.
I learnt a lot about safety techniques, my equipment and the importance of my rope mates.
In one week I'm setting sail towards the Julian Alps of Slovenia and then probably the Italian Dolomites with a great respect for nature and awe of the summit.