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Interrail Europe - Summer 2011 - Zermatt

I arrived in Zermatt late at night.
I was planning to do wild camping, so I had no option, but wear my head torch and follow the hiking routes to get out of the village.

Wild Camping is not really allowed in Switzerland, but as long as you are up in the mountains it shouldn't be a problem to put your tent somewhere.

And so I did, the girls and I put our tents next to a river and fall asleep
accompanied by the sound of heavy rain.
In the morning the clouds had all gone away and we had the chance to see Matterhorn!

Matterhorn north face from Zermatt
Photo taken in Zermatt, Switzerland

This photo was taken just before the sunset of the same day.

No doubt, Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen.
I promised to myself that I'll climb on top of it someday...

But until then, I just followed the trail to Schwarzsee :P
It was an amazing day and the view of the mountains was breathtaking.
Although it was summer, there was a snowfall last night, which made the high peaks even more impressive!
The nature in full orgasm!
Flowers and butterflies, waterfalls and glaciers.
And we were there to see them and be part of them.

Photo taken near Zermatt, Switzerland

That was definitely one of the most beautiful days of the trip.
(not to mention my life...)

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Anonymous said...

perfect! right now i am also in valley between mountains and after all day rain weather is very good now! stars...

Eftychia K said...

Hi Evgen!
Must admit I'm jealous of you. I haven't been in the mountains for a while and I really miss it.


Brian said...
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