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Interrail Europe - Summer 2011 - Barcelona

Barcelona is definitely a very interesting city, full of life, peculiar buildings and secrets to discover.

I had some great moments there that vary from climbing the walls of Gaudi's Parc Guell to drinking traditional sangria on rooftops with stunning view to the city of Barcelona to an open stage reggae party, where I danced until my feet wouldn't hold me!
And there are definitely a lot more for me to discover.

The most interesting thing about the buildings in Barcelona for me was to find a way to climb on them!
Next time I'll try to get permission to climb on top of La Sagrada Familia,
but until then L'Arc de Triomf...

Climbing on L'Arc de Triomf Barcelona, Spain
Photo taken in Barcelona, Spain
...and Parc Guell was great fun!

Climbing in Gaudi's Parc Guell
Photo taken in Barcelona, Spain

Important for interrailers

Getting from Grenoble to Barcelona by train was not as simple as I first thought.
In Grenoble we were indicated a route that was supposed to be free of supplements for interrailers,
but it wasn't.

In the beginning everything seemed to work out fine...
Grenoble-Valence (free)
Valence-Avignon (free)
Avignon-Montpellier (free)

But then...
Montpellier-Figueres (+10€)
Figueres-Barcelona (+10€)

Finally after 5 trains and 12 hours on the road we arrived in Barcelona.

The only free of supplements route to get to Barcelona from South France is via Nice and goes as follows:
Perpignan-Port Bou
Port Bou-Barcelona

Sleeping in the airport of Barcelona

Arriving in Barcelona we had nowhere to go (again :P),
so we headed to the airport ("Barcelona El Prat") to try and get some sleep.
I had the best sleep of the trip under the staircase near the ckeck-in counters, but it didn't last for long!
Around 2.30am the security came and literally kicked us out, because we didn't have a flight ticket!!
So, in any case don't try sleeping in Barcelona El Prat, unless you have a flight next morning.

Hope these helped!

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