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Interrail Europe - Summer 2011 - Florence

After Rome I took the train to Florence.
Getting there was a big adventure, which I'm not going to write down here.
The outcome was that I hardly got any sleep that night, I didn't have enough food left with me and I was feeling exhausted.
So, the first thing I did when I arrived in Florence was get to sleep.

When the girls and I woke up, we were all ready to explore the city.
Ponte Vecchio is stunning, but Uffizi gallery too expensive for me.
The Italian ice-cream delicious and the alleys are all very beautiful!

In every corner we turned we would find a concert! Indie bands, orchestras, covers of the Beatles!
Good music for all tastes!

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities I've visited in Europe
and it gets even more beautiful and charming when the sun starts to set.
This is when the magic happens!
It seemed to me like the city was built to be enjoyed that very moment, when the purple of the sky mixes with the grey clouds and the stone and wooden bridges.

Enjoy a couple of photos from under the bridges of Florence... :)

florence buildings sunset
Photo taken in Florence, Italy

sunset in florence under the bridge
Photo taken in Florence, Italy

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